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Unglaubliche Körpertransformation: Vom David zum Goliath

Bodybuilder und Neo-Schauspieler Martyn Ford hat sich in den letzten zwölf Jahren Muskelberge antrainiert, die selbst Dwayne Johnson und «Spectre»-Bösewicht Dave Batista in den Schatten stellen. Bald ist er selbst in einem Kinofilm zu bestaunen.

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1. Über zwei Meter gross und knapp 150 Kilogramm schwer ist Martyn Ford.


2. Nicht umsonst wird er «The Nightmare» genannt. Mit ihm willst du dich nicht anlegen.

3. Die unglaubliche Körpertransformation des 33-jährigen Ford beginnt vor zwölf Jahren.

4. Mit 19 erleidet er eine Sportverletzung, verliert viel Gewicht. So kommt er zum Bodybuilding.

Ok back to reality! GYM time! Today was legs day, I want to grow these twigs of mine, so from now on, no missing leg day or head day! lol to get big I'm going back to basics. Why try To change a time old, proven rule? To grow mass you MUST squat. There are no two ways, this exercise is the BEST exercise for legs and arguable the whole body for mass. So get into that squat rack, focus, man up and squat until you can't bend down! To grow muscle you need to work your muscle past that comfort zone, give it 100% , your better off doing 1 working set of 4 exercises to absolute complete failure (as in collapse state ) that 5 sets on each of comfortable sets (which in reality 9/10 people complete. I know I'm no exception, in the past I have fooled myself I'm working to full intensity, smashing my sessions, when in reality I was giving 75-80% per set, over training each exercise and under achieving. It's taken me years of training to finally see this, don't make the same mistake, take my words on board, try it, and see the difference. I approach each exercise like so. First set 50% weight , controlled 12 reps, 2:2 speed, warm up muscle and the movement, focus my mind and feel the contraction. Second set 75% weight, 10 reps, same idea in preparation for mind and body. I keep 60 sec rest between these, and these are not working sets, they are warm up sets in my mind. I have a good stretch in between sets, then my 3rd and 4th set I go flat out, 100% give it everything I have, I will put in forced reps on my 3rd set with a spot and my fourth set I do a drop set, again with a spot for motivation and safety! My routine today was squats, leg press, ham curl, leg ext, calf raise. I'm on a four day split, but next wk I will change to a 5 day split and put hams/calves/abs on my new day. Hope you can take something from this I to your workouts! Keep grinding , keep progressing and I do see all my messages regarding your appreciation for this information why I will keep posting! My thanks to you all for been amazing support for me! Thank you #martynford #legs #thanks #workout

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5. Zunächst will er nur seinen alten Körper wieder antrainieren. Doch er findet eine neue Passion.

6. Um sein Kampfgewicht zu halten, isst Ford jede Stunde - es kostet ihn 380 Franken die Woche.

Ok so many people have messaged me about getting weight on. I'm holding the secret, FOOD. No matter what people presume or shout about, this is very much needed! It's vital. So this post is aimed at the new comer, the fresh starter and skinny kid. Aim to hit 6 meals at first, you need to start the day well, make sure you eat pretty much as soon as you wake up, no excuses , this is vital! For the hard gainer I would aim for a macro breakdown of 40% carbs and 30% protein and fats. Looking at around 25-35g protein each meal, and consuming around 40-60g carbs and 10-15 g healthy fats, these are very much guesstimates! But will get you in the ball park at least. Consume vegetables with All meals and try to mix up the types of whole food your eating. Prepare your food to take with you, never leave the house with no food! Vital mistake made by many! Drink plenty of water And record results, if not weight is going on, increase your calories by around 350-500 kcal per day. And last of all, good luck! #food #training #articles #martynford

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7. Mittlerweile besitzt er sein eigenes Fitnessstudio, wo er täglich trainiert.

8. Der angsteinflössende Hüne hat auch eine zarte Seite. Er ist ein liebender Freund und...

9. ...cooler Vater einer dreijährigen Tochter.

10. Im Kino wird er aber bald als Bösewicht zu sehen sein. Im Film «Boyka: Undisputed IV».

11. Ist Martyn Ford der nächste Muskelprotz nach den Ex-Wrestlern Dwayne Johnson und Dave Batista, der Hollywood erobert?

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